First Tee Lehigh Valley offers programs and instruction which focus on developing life skills using the game of golf as its vehicle.

The Steel Club program is full, and not accepting further applications.

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Program Locations

First Tee Lehigh Valley at Bethlehem
Bethlehem Golf Club
400 Illicks Mill Road
Bethlehem PA 18017
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First Tee Lehigh Valley at Sittler Golf Center
497 Mountain Home Rd
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
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First Tee Lehigh Valley at Steel Club
700 Linden Ave
Hellertown, PA 18055
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First Tee Lehigh Valley at Golden Oaks
10 Stonehedge Dr,
Fleetwood, PA 19522
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First Tee Lehigh Valley at Berks
Manor Golf Club
153 Bran Road
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
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First Tee Lehigh Valley at Riverview Country Club
1 Riverview Place,
Easton, PA 18040
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Program Descriptions


Paralleling the structure of the golf instruction program, the First Tee Life Skills Curriculum is divided into three levels, starting with Par (for beginners) and progressing through Birdie and Eagle.

The Par level focuses on the fundamental communication and self-management skills. The Birdie level deals primarily with goal-setting. The Eagle level gives participants advanced instruction and practice on mastering Par and Birdie level skills, as well as additional topics, such as conflict management, mentoring, and career planning.

Modular Units

Each level consists of six life skills modules and every module contains a “core” lesson that all participants must be exposed to. The core lessons are suitable for delivery to any age group. In addition, the each module includes optional activities. Some give participants additional practice in the core life skills; some are designed for participants 12 and older; others deal with the application of life skills to non-golf situations at home or school.
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